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Indulás: 2005-07-16

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I have always loved animals and since my childhood, horses and dogs have had special place in my heart, but I like insects and reptiles, tov.

As a child I lived in Budapest, in a block of flats, in the XX. District. My mother wasn’t against keeping animals in our flat on condition that I take care of them. There were aquariums with lots of fish, terrariums for hamsters, crickets and stickinsects. I also had some birds and an injured oak cerambyx.

Later we made a home for an orphan kitten, who wanted to nibble all the insects by all means, that’s why I set my „collestion” free on the nearest meadow.


In little while one of my biggest while one of my biggest dreams came tone…..

 I was given a sweet puppy as a present !!!!!


 It was my grandmother who saved up for it, my father and me travelled half a day to bring the puppy home…. it was a beutiful little Russian wofhound,  TONY. 

 Unfortunately we got home without a piece of advice, Tony wasn’t vaccinated and on top of it au he was fagitable and without an appetite. In a short time Tony feu sick and we lost him.


My grandfather couldn't  stand our suffering and he bought a 5-month-old German shepherd puppy from a nearby breeder...

It was a wonder…….my ATHOS……...

He was a partner through thick and thin,a real friend a defender.

12 years we spent together passed by very quickly, but I have lots of beautiful memories in my heart.


 I wish everyone were succesful in finding a real partner and friend...

That's why it is said that the dog is man's best friend !!!


With years passing by, different types of dogs were in and out of our house. But I couldn’t believe that once I would have a dog fragile like this.

I can’t even tell you, Why exactly chihuahua ?!

When we had our first two dogs, Pötyi and Bessy, this type wasn’t so popular in Hungary. I was absolutely faseinated by theer personality, vitality and kindness. I realised, that a dog could be charming not only when it  weighs 60 kilogramms.

Since them I have been completely charmed by those tiny button eyes and colors.


I love this type so much, but love and care is not enough for breeding. The right character and nervous system are also very important to comply with the breed’s requirements. Mr Ferenc Gröschl, a breeder and international carriage judge has helped me in this hard tash.



The English bulldog had been just a dream for me for quite a long time. This type is an absolutely different phenomenon. With a bit ungain movement and slow comprehension they are very nice and good-natured.

They all are adoreable dumplings!


We have got our first bulldogs from my friend and breeder, Katalin Szabó. It was pleasure for us.


To avoid all those bad experiences happened to me it is high importance to inform the future owner correctly about keeping this type of dogs (care, vaccination, feeding, giving love, etc)


I help with pleasure after you have take your puppy home, that’s why lots of happy owners do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions.

I happy it I can make someone happy and if I feel that the tiny dog is the centre of the family.

My presence is not enough to make perfect provision, that’s why my mom helps me and I work with my husband in relay shifts.

 Playing with dogs is also very important, that1s how our children take part in breeding.


If you want to buy a puppy or you just need our advice or help, do not hesitate to contact write E-mail.


 With best regards:

Miss Lászlóné Simon

Saint-Simon Kennel







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